Alam and Company is offering a wide range of Accountancy services which is covering-mostly financial needs of your business. We will assess your business needs and put together a bespoke service that allows you to benefit from years of professional accounting experience.

Annual accounts

Annual Accounts, also referred to as Year End, Statutory or Company Accounts, are a requirement for every UK registered company (Ltd, LLP, Sole Trade etc) by HMRC and Companies House. You are obligated to file a set of Annual Accounts after every 12 months from the date you incorporated (formed) your company.

We start preparing Annual Accounts for all our clients soon after the Year End date has passed.  This allows plenty of time to review draft Annual Accounts, avoid late penalty fines and improves credit scoring.  Credit score agencies rate companies favourably when Annual Accounts are filed sooner rather than later, especially for new companies.

Annual return

The Annual Return, (AR01 form) is a requirement for every UK registered company (Ltd, LLP etc) set by Companies House.  This form needs to be filed with Companies House stating details for Directors, Shareholders, Shares, Capital, SIC Code, Trading activities and Company details.

You are obligated to file an Annual Return after every 12 months from the date you incorporated (formed) your company.We start preparing Annual Returns for all our clients very soon after one year of the incorporation date has passed.  This allows plenty of time to review the draft Annual Return, avoid prosecution, company dissolution, and can improve credit scoring.  Credit score agencies rate companies favourably when Annual Returns are filed sooner rather than later, especially for new companies.


We provide bookkeeping services to all kinds of business in UK. Our customers come back for our services as we work with the business, more like an extension at lower costs than hiring a professional bookkeeper. We Alam and Company take care of your payroll, payable accounts, invoices, payments, receipts, bank compromises and reports. We will keep constant contact with your business, updating your records on a daily basis. You can now feel relaxed about your bookkeeping and concentrate better in servicing your customers.

We provide customized solutions for bookkeeping services to suit the requirements of your business. We will initially learn your business and then tailor make our bookkeeping service to suit your business. We have a team of talented qualified bookkeepers and accountants who will keep constant vigil over the updating of your records.

Forecast Accounts

We provide excellent financial forecasts from company accounts. We forecast revenue, sales and expenses by estimating the future based on the financial statements. The forecast accounts that we provide will be beneficial for the company to make decisions regarding the performance of the company.

The reports provided by our experts will also prove useful in making the choice of investment decisions and overall management of the business. The staff at Alam and Company are well versed with the principles of finance and accounting and even experienced in different industries and their specifics.

Capital Gains Tax (CGT)

A person who sells or even gifts a product which has a value, then he is liable to pay Capital Gains Tax. Usually it is imposed upon a sale of a product whose value has increased during the ownership. The product here refers to land, property and even shares. The experienced professionals at Alam and Company can help you with CGT calculation, filing tax returns and tax planning for the future years. Based on these reports and calculations, the business will be given management and investment planning decisions, situations and factors that affect the CGT value at that time. The chargeable capital assets are mainly land, shares, goodwill and currency. But there are several exemptions to this.

Corporation Tax Returns

Corporation Tax is filed on all income and gains from any source for the company. There are yet certain exceptions for companies residing in the state. Alam and Company will deliver proper advice on whether to register as a sole trader or as a company, taking into consideration the taxation, practical and legal issues.

Income Tax

Anyone acquiring income any source is liable to pay income tax, whether you are an employee or self-employed. Even people making income from pension or saving are liable to pay income tax according to the UK taxation norms. There are no age limits whatsoever for income tax payment, but there is an income limit only beyond which the individual has to pay income tax. Alam and Company will take care of your income tax calculation taking all aspects into consideration.

Self-Assessment Tax-Returns

Alam and Company can give you a comparative tax report based on your personal assets, business earnings, financial aim and inheritance tax. We provide complete tax solution to all of your taxing needs by interpreting information from several aspects.

Company Registration

Get your business up and running without having to spend too much effort on the paperwork. You obviously can’t neglect the paperwork required for the formation of your limited company. Just leave all the work to us and focus on other aspects of your business that you are an expert on.

We will help you get the registration done within the same day that you apply for it. You can do the entire process electronically and get your company registered within a few hours at the very maximum. Needless to say, you might have to wait a bit longer if there are many companies ahead of you in the queue.

Payroll and PAYE

  • Alam and Company provides its clients payroll account managers on signing up for the payroll service. We make use of the most advanced
    payroll management software coupled with skilled payroll specialists who take care of even the most difficult payroll management structures.
  • Initially, the client will have to submit all the required information to set up a payroll ledger for the company. The details are reviewed and organized by our experts to create the payroll documents and from then on further details will be added into the ledger of your company. All the further aspects of payroll management like, issuing of the salary checks or bank transfer, tax filing, tax deductions, salary calculation, savings registration etc. are all carried on by our company.

Value Added Tax (VAT)

Value Added Tax (VAT) has a very complex structure and it requires expert intervention to create and prepare VAT documents for companies, big or small. Due to improper VAT calculation, businesses and enterprises usually end up paying higher or lower VAT and this will eventually affect the position and standing of the business among its competitors. VAT laws undergo constant changes from time to time, made by the government to catch up with the economy changes. This makes it impossible for businesses to keep themselves updated with these changes and make the necessary changes to its VAT documents. Alam and Company will look after your VAT so that you can focus on your business operations.